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November 2018 - Habeas Corpus Victory: Federal appellate court orders new capital sentencing trial for client based upon unconstitutional exclusion of evidence - “We thought there was nothing more important for jurors in making the decision about life in prison than to hear [whether] the person would be violent in prison. This court’s ruling brings Virginia into agreement with the entire rest of the country.”

October 2018 - Ed Ungvarsky obtains first life sentence by jury in Prince William County, Virginia in the 50 years that the elected prosecutor has been in office, in case where client killed two persons including a police officer

July 2018 - Discovery reform recommendations noted

October 2016 - Signatory to letter to President of Pakistan

March 2016 - Ed elicts lead investigator's admission that all prosecution witnesses "were all suspects."

September 2014 - Achievement of removal of death penalty as possible sentencing option for accused multiple murderer

May 2014 - Ed successfully represents accused multiple murderer over prosecutor's objection

May 2014 - Ed is named Kutak-Dodd Prize Recipient - "He is recognized for his remarkable compassion to clients and innovative thinking in litigation."

May 2014 - Video of Kutak-Dodd Prize Award and Acceptance Speech (at 42.30 of Part I)  - "Ed's personal commitment to each and every case is evident in his determination to explore all possible avenues in his arguments. . . . He exemplifies the lawyer that every criminally accused person should have."

October 2013 - Tracking dog evidence points to other suspect in Greene County (Va.) triple murder case

September 2013 - Ed litigates impact of evidence stolen from property room by law enforcement officer

October 2012 - Ed marshals legal community support's for recusal of prosecutor

August 2010  - Ed is elected Board Member of NACDL

April 2010 - Ed leads NACDL Task Force that calls for forensic science reform

October 2006 - Ed is recommended to be DC Superior Court Associate Judge

April 2006 - Ed obtains jury deadlock in cold hit database DNA case

April 2005 - Ed directs innovative eyewitness identification polling survey

May 2002 - Ed raises Second Amendment individual right to possess a handgun prior to Supreme Court decision in Heller

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