Ungvarsky Law - Core Values & Philosophy

Client-centered representation

At Ungvarsky Law in Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC, Ed intentionally handles a select number of cases at any one time to allow him to provide close, individual attention to each client's needs. Ed's representation begins by understanding all the facts and your goals. He will keep you fully informed about your case and case strategy. He will answer your questions and be available to you. Every client gets Ed's zealous commitment and dedication.

In criminal cases, the government has significant taxpayer-funded resources – prosecutors, police officers, laboratories, and budgets – at its disposal when it chooses to bring charges against an individual. To win the best possible result, there are no shortcuts. The defense must fight the government fact by fact, which requires thorough and relentless preparation. 

Ed believes the best outcome for a client can be reached only after extensive pre-trial preparation and the confidence to succeed in the trial courtroom. Ed starts each case with the understanding that a trial may be necessary to achieve his client's goals. Even the best settlements are reached when the government knows the defense is capable of going to trial and will go to trial to vindicate the client. Ed has tried, with success, scores of criminal cases -- from the most simple to capital murder. 

Whether by trial or pretrial settlement, Ed zealously works to achieve the best outcome for each client.